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Phor Phood Truck Vendors Only



The FOX presents The Second Phriday Phood Truck Phest outside @ Phoenix Hill Tavern, the second Phriday of every month - April thru September. Thank you all for attending The Hill's 2st Phood Truck Phest Phriday, everyone had a great time and the OVER-REACTORS rocked the crowd! We look phorward to seeing you again at the next Phood Truck Phest on Phriday June 12 from 5 til 9! Bring your Phamily, your appetite and don't miss great live music with The Hiding Duo! See you @ The Hill!

Hey! Every “Phoodie” knows there's no love more sincere than the love of phood! We’re talking Phood Trucks galore like: “Get It On A Bun At Booty’s,” “Pollo” (po-yo), "Chillers", "Red's Daug Pound", "Boo Boo's Smoke Shack", and “The Smashbox”, "Dragon King's Daughter (Osaka Snack Bar)", "Longshot Lobsta", "J. Goodwin's Fusion Grill" and more TBA - plus Victory Brewing Company's Craft Beer Garden, games and of course great live music. Admission is absolutely phree and Phamilies are welcome!

"I was SO excited to try PHT's Second Phriday's food truck fest for the first time. We attended in July and met there with a couple of friends on a Friday night.

I was really ready for some pork belly tacos and waited while Lexie Lou's prepared their pork belly. After about a half hour of waiting for them to let the meat rest, we got our food and it was AMAZING. Do not get pork belly tacos if you hate fat; stick to healthier options. But, you don't go to a food truck fest to eat healthy, do you? Didn't think so. I also got a funnel cake, which obviously suggests I definitely didn't go to eat "well." I went to gorge myself on the food and the beer.

In terms of the brew, I was hoping for a lot of options in terms of craft beer, but we were stuck with Killian's or Bud Light. (*PHT has since teamed with Victory Brewing Company providing Hop Devil IPA, Headwater's Pale Ale, and Prima Pilsner!) Luckily, you can get more of what you want inside Phoenix Hill. We stuck with the Killian's, which didn't disappoint. Sometimes you have to let your beer snob go and just enjoy the cheap stuff.

The music was great; there's nothing better than sitting outside with good food, listening to good local music, while enjoying time with friends. If you love food, please come support your local Louisville food trucks and come on out!" - Yelp Review